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Clutter Busting Your Closets

January is the time for clutter busting your closets. It is a time to throw out the old and organize the new.

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. Holidays are the one time when you can embrace that little kid inside of you. The kid who wants a lot of gifts and is not afraid to ask for them. But what happens after you have received everything on your wish list? And then you are left wondering, “Where am I going to put all this stuff?”

ClutterAre you pondering an addition to your home to store all of your presents? Instead, consider all the storage options you would have by getting a few state-of-the-art closet systems installed. Janet Stevenson is a design manager for Closet City, a closet and organizational supply manufacturer in Montgomery County, PA. She says when she is approaching a new project, she likes to help customers set their priorities for a space. “We try to look at what is the best we can do for them for the space that is available,” she says. “Then we see if there are extra things that we can do in that space to make it even better.”

Here’s how the process works:

When Stevenson gets the call from an interested party, she goes to their home to see how their space is currently used. She also shows them a portfolio that reflects 25 years’ experience in the closet designing, clutter busting, and manufacturing business. After the consultation, Janet creates a custom storage design. Once a design is finalized, she suggests that her clients purge unwanted items twice. Once as they empty the original closet, and again when they start to fill it back up. This is done in order to maximize the use of space. “Once a client sees their beautiful closets installed, they are not as anxious to fill it up with things they don’t use,” she says.

Closet City’s most popular products are its high-pressure, 3/4”-melamine, custom closet systems. The company also has a full line of higher-end systems made with pre-finished woods, finished woods, and paintable wood-grade products. If countertops are needed, popular materials include upscale looks like Corian, granite and marble. Many homeowners are in need of organizing accessories as well. Closet City is constantly researching and testing clutter-busting products to bring its clients. They research the best in shoe holders, jewelry trays, clothes hampers, ironing boards, and many other innovative storage items.

The benefits of their work is two-fold.

In addition to giving the gift of organization to yourself, a new closet system is a wonderful way to show loved ones how much you care. Stevenson regularly works with the children of seniors who face the overwhelming prospect of moving a lifetime of mementos into retirement communities. She gets a lot of personal satisfaction from these projects. Especially when she is able to create organized space for all the knickknacks and pictures that are important to her clients. “No matter how unique or unusual their situation is,” says Stevenson, “we always have a way to creatively come up with a storage solution.”

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