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House & Home – Montco Main-Line Edition

closet drawing 300x200“Get Organized” in the “Chaos in the Closet” segment, by Lindsey Getz

“Chaos in the Closet”

Many homeowners complain that their furniture makes their bedroom look cramped and messy. Bulky dressers take up a lot of precious space. By having your closet restructured, the extra storage space may allow you to ditch excess pieces of furniture. So says Janet Stevenson, design consultant, with Closet City.

WALKINcherry400“One of the popular trends now is that homeowners are building more into the bedroom closet and eliminating furniture,” she explains. “It opens up and gives the bedroom a retreat feeling.”

Stevenson points out that when you create a walk-in closet, it can double as a dressing room. “You may consider adding an island in the center. There you can keep folded items and lay out your outfit for the next day,” she says. “And possibly consider including a little bench where you can sit down and put your shoes on.”


In conclusion:

Getting your closet in order will certainly make your day much less stressful. “When you’re getting ready to leave for the day and everything is easy to find, it just starts the day off on a much better note,” says Stevenson. “You don’t have to dig through everything and make a mess or waste extra time.” …

January 2009: House & Home magazine, Montco / Main-Line East issue