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Personalized Storage Solutions


3D Computer Rendering of Walk-In Closet

After you have met with one of Closet City’s professional designers, we will have all the facts regarding your project. And, you will be presented with a custom, personalized design solution. We never forget that we are here to make your life more efficient and organized. Because, our design has to work with your lifestyle, not ours. The following info explains our design process:

create leftaCustom Storage Project Scope

If the scope of your project is large or more complex, we will require a few days to work out your customized solution. Therefore, if necessary, your consultant will discuss with our staff of woodworkers any areas of uniqueness or complexity within your project. We do this to ensure the quality and structure of your design.



Walk-In Closet Installed in Client's Home

Personalized Project Design Drawings

Once the details are worked out, your project’s plans are put to paper utilizing our state-of-the-art computer drafting software. Top, elevation, and 3-dimensional drawings are created so you clearly understand what is being proposed. (See our sample layout design images to the left.)

Storage Design Review Meeting

You will then be invited to meet with us again either at your home, our office, or via an online presentation. We do this so we can be sure your design is just right for you. Your consultant will discuss in detail the reasoning behind the design. We will also explain how it was created to help your area function more efficiently for you, and we will outline all the features and benefits that are included. If for some reason it still needs revising, we can correct it on the spot.

create leftb

Storage Design Approval Process

When the proposed design is right for you, then it is your turn. You need to simply sign the proposal, provide us with a deposit, and we take it from there.

Materials & Finishes

Closet City space management professionals can provide a storage solution that matches your current decor or help you design something new. Our design consultants will help you decide on one of our standard materials and finishes, custom finishes, exotic woods, or green solutions.

Ordering Products & Scheduling

Your personalized, computer-generated design is now ready to be sent to our fabrication department. It is reviewed carefully by our shop foreman to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. Special order products are then ordered, and the machining file is sent through our network to every machine required to make your job.

Our machinery is the latest in CNC technology. Panels are cut automatically by a computerized saw, and bar code labels are printed to identify each part. Our CNC routers scan the codes and instantly load a machining program to create each part. Everything is highly accurate!


“I move a lot and this is the third or fourth installation for me. And, you also did my son’s house. We are very very happy, always!” — Linda Horrow, Newtown Square, PA


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