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Suburban Home & Garden Cover-Story

200807 Surban HouseAndHome 300x“Little extras that make a big difference.”

When you are decorating your home, it is the little extras that give a space its personality. This says that it belongs to you and no one else.

When it comes to choosing a company to install a closet system, there are many competent companies out there. They all carry similar items. So how do you choose which one to work with? Again, it is all about the extras, which is why so many homeowners in the Bucks-Mont area choose to work with Closet City.

Who is Closet City?

Closet City, in business since 1984, offers organizing systems in real wood, various colors, and wood grain melamine. They also offer closet accessories, organizational items, moldings and hardware. One thing that sets them apart in the industry is the way they make the installation process so easy for their customers. When you are installing a closet system, you have to take everything out of the closet a day or two before the project begins. In a large walk-in closet, that can be an overwhelming job. “Besides in a pile on the bed in the guest room, where do you put everything?” says Janet Stevenson, the company’s seasoned design consultant.

To take this problem out of the equation, Closet City offers loaner racks to its clients. Homeowners can take their belongings out of the closet and immediately hang them up. Their clothing can be easily sorted through and used throughout the installation process. After the installation, when everything is placed in the updated closet, the racks are returned. “Customers are thrilled to take advantage of this option. It allows them to still use their stuff and find their clothing during the installation process,” says Stevenson. “They absolutely love it.”

Professional experts are recruited when needed.

200807 Surban picAnother extra that sets Closet City apart from the pack is the relationship it has forged with certified professional organizers in the Bucks-Mont area. Professional organizers can help you sort through clutter, maximize your use of space, and streamline your daily living. “What is nice about meeting with an organizer is that you get someone who is not attached to your stuff to help you sort through your belongings,” says Stevenson. “They can lend an unbiased eye, and help you decide what to get rid of and what to put away. It often makes the organization process go quicker and easier for everyone involved.”

In addition, Closet City’s skilled installers can be commissioned to come a day or two before the installation of the new closet system to paint and spackle walls before the new system goes in.

Experienced staff members make all the difference.

The training of Closet City’s designers is also second to none. Their years of experience in the organizing industry allow them to assess the inventory of a particular space and be able to quickly visualize custom storage solutions. “We make a point of asking our clients, ‘When you go in and get dressed each morning, what is it that you’re looking for?’” says Stevenson. “Then we design a custom system around that. Our systems aren’t ready-made or come out of a box with two shelves and four hanging bars, and that’s what you’re stuck with. Every person’s space is customized to fit the way they live every day.”

Ultimately, these extra details mean that Closet City’s customers are also satisfied customers. “That’s what we strive for,” says Stevenson. “A satisfied customer is someone who will refer us to a friend. And when they’re ready to organize another space in their home, we hope they will choose to work with us again.”

Cover-story published in Suburban Home & Garden Resource Guide, July 2008 – Bucks County edition