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Suburban Home & Garden – Rise and Shine!

200807 Surban HouseAndHome 300x“Rise and shine to an organized life.”

Every morning you get up and walk into the same situation. You have a cluttered closet that is messy, unorganized, and wastes time. Time that you spend figuring out what to wear instead of what to do with your day. Make your life easier by not just dreaming of a beautifully organized closet, but by making it a reality. Closet City is a company that has designed and manufactured quality closet systems for close to a quarter of a century. They can help you achieve your dream!

As the storage industry continues to evolve, the company is thrilled to share new products with its customers. And lately, they have had a lot of new innovations to share. Janet Stevenson has been a design consultant with the company for over 15 years. She is especially excited about the new real wood product line the company is offering. “We now have three real woods to choose from. They are hard maple, natural cherry, and a gorgeous walnut,” she says. “We have also added some wood grain styles to our melamine line. These shades are Summer Flame, Candlelight, and a luscious Chocolate Peartree. There is no end to the wood combinations and color selections from which you can choose.”

There are even more choices!

Closet City is partnered with a local custom paint and stain shop. They can build custom closet systems and have them painted in whatever color the client desires. Unfinished wood can also be stained to match existing trim in the room or to match a favorite table, desk, or dresser. The opportunities for you to create different looks are endless. Other high end accents you can add to dress up a storage system include custom cabinetry, decorative side panels, and glass doors. You can also request crown molding, fluted columns, and countertops. “All of our storage systems are custom built using high quality, furniture grade materials,” says Stevenson. “These products come with a lifetime guarantee. This is a perk we have been proud to provide to our customers since 1984.”

200807 Surban picOf course, what would a stylish closet or custom wall unit be without amenities that offer a little extra bling? Closet City provides many new accessories and hardware items. These are not only convenient and efficient, but also add contrast, sparkle, and sophistication. “An ironing board may look just like your average ironing board. But we have one that folds up into a drawer to maximize space,” says Stevenson. “We also carry state of the art styles of pant, tie, and belt racks. Plus there are lighted closet rods. And we have a jewelry cabinet that can be hidden behind a slim, decorative panel.”

They are always growing and improving.

Always striving to improve its customer service, Closet City has also expanded its staff this past year. With the addition of another installation crew and truck, the company is better able to meet the ever demanding needs of their customers. Another innovation includes the expansion of the company’s Web site. The site is currently undergoing upgrades. It will provide visitors with storage advice, a helpful monthly newsletter, and extensive collections of photos. Customers can use this online portfolio to narrow down the options that are most appropriate for their project. It will also help them get a sense of how Closet City can really change their life for the better.

This Rise & Shine article was published in the Suburban Home and Garden Resource Guide in November 2007.