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Accessories / Organizing Gadgets

Mens Closet DiagramWho doesn't love gadgets?
“Oh yes, I love gadgets.” — Roger Moore (actor, James Bond movies)

Every portion of your life is filled with gadgets. From ones that are merely useful to ones you absolutely can't live without. The closet and storage industry is not without it's share of accessory items that can be considered 'gadgets' -- from simple belt, tie, and scarf racks to more complex, automated, and even 'hidden' storage products.

Read on and we will show you what the hot trends are right now!

(Bear with us while we continue to update this page ... not all info is complete and many links to details and photos still need to be added. Soon!  May 2019)

Belt RackTie, scarf, belt racks:
Simple. Fairly easy to install, easy to use. Once you have them, hard to live without!  Plus our tie racks and hooks work well for storing long necklaces too.

Boot storageShoe & boot storage:
So many options for storing your shoes and boots! No need for piles of shoes on the floor when you can have them arranged neatly on shelves, in cubbies, or on slide-out racks. We have solutions for storing tall boots as well.

Double hamper with cloth bagsHampers & storage baskets:
From large, removable canvas bags mounted on drawer slides to tilt-out versions hidden behind what looks like a large drawer front -- there is such a variety of hamper options that we're sure you will find what you're looking for.

Valet rodCloset rods & valets:
Obviously we carry a selection of closet rods in a variety of finishes and sizes. We also offer an assortment of handy "valet" rods: small, pull-out bars that allow you to quick stash your dry clean items temporarily, or to easily coordinate tomorrow's outfit.

Pants RackPant racks:
There are a variety of clever racks for storing your pants and slacks, some of which also include tie storage. In addition, many of these racks are perfect for keeping scarves and pashminas tidy and accessible too.

Folding Ironing BoardIroning boards:
Yes, plenty of folks still iron their clothes! And for those that do, we have several ironing boards to choose from: full-size boards on swivel mounts (stash it up and away), boards hidden in their own cabinetry, and a small version that folds into a drawer!

Pivoting mirrorMirrors:
Detailed info about our full-length pivoting mirrors will be provided here soon!

Lighting optionsLighting:
So many lighting options, and so many places where lights can be included! Display lighting -- under or inside cabinets of course. But how about rope lighting along glass shelves, or lighted shoe shelves? Plus there are lighted closet rods, touch lights, motion-sensor LED lights (wired and battery operated), and so much more!

Hidden storage & Floating shelves:
Want a convenient spot to stash important papers, a family heirloom, or small hand gun, but don't want it visible? We provide a variety of options in "hidden storage", from locking cabinets hidden in an island's end panel to an electronic compartment operated via remote control. And floating shelves? They're all the rage right now, and yes, we design and install them too.

Lighted jewelry drawerJewelry & Hand bag storage:
Detailed info about our vast selection of jewelry and hand bag storage will be provided here soon!

And there is so much more out there ...
All sorts of storage and organizing gadgets exist for use in closets, laundry areas, pantries, kitchens, entertainment centers, and more. If you are interested in something and don't see it listed here, please let us know. We will do our best to get the item for you!

Interested in having your closet redone and maybe have a few of these accessories included? All you need to do is schedule a FREE consultation with our designer at your home by either calling (215) 855-4400 or completing our easy-to-use CONTACT FORM today. We look forward to working with you! 

Customer Rave:

“The cabinet is wonderful, and the installers were terrific. Also, they were professional, competent, and courteous. Thank you!” — Vivian Lindermayer

Simple and easy to use -- there are racks of all sizes and styles for storing a multitude of clothing accessory items. You may not think you need them, but once you have them, you'll wish you had gotten these sooner!

  • Wooden Tie Rack

    Wooden Tie Rack

  • Scarf Rack

    Scarf Rack

  • Belt Rack

    Belt Rack

  • Slide-out Pants Rack

    Slide-out Pants Rack

  • Belt Rack Compartment

    Belt Rack Compartment