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Attic Closet Ideas / Attic Walk In Closet

Rarely considered a usable space, your attic has unlimited potential as closet space.
“Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone, wood, steel and brass.” — Ralph Waldo

We have lots of attic closet ideas for converting your attic. It is a fun way to add square footage to your home. And, we can help you make your new room (or rooms) as useful as possible! As a homeowner, you may consider an addition when your family or needs grow too big for your current space. However, new additions can be expensive and time consuming. They can also ruin the look of your exterior façade. So, you might want to consider moving upward rather than outward. Be smart and use the pre existing space you have as an additional living space!

For example, try thinking of the attic as you would a finished basement. In doing so, you will come up with many ideas of how the space can be used. For instance, these ideas could include a master bedroom, a library, and a home office. Or maybe the attic could be used as a child’s bedroom, an extra bathroom, or an exercise room. Or, the space could be used as a huge walk in closet and dressing area. Even if your plans are to simply maximize the attic for plain old storage, we can help you with that!

To get a better idea of what we do, we invite you to take a look at the PHOTO GALLERY. You will see how our pros have worked with others to turn their attic remodeling dreams into reality. Then you can schedule a no cost consultation with one of our attic closet system designers to get started on your home. To set up an appointment, you can call (215) 855-4400. Or, you can complete our easy online CONTACT FORM. Our pros will be glad to answer any questions you may have. And, our design estimates are always provided to you free of charge.

Customer Rave:

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"My husband is always considering whether the upgrades we do to the house will add value to it. We definitely feel this dressing room has increased the value of our home." — Elizabeth Snyder, Flemington NJ