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"Gadgets - our houses are filled with them: ones we need, ones we think we need, and others that were a good idea at the time, but have never made it out of their boxes." -- Sheherazade Goldsmith


Organizing Gadgets / Closet Accessories

Who doesn't love gadgets?
“Oh yes, I love gadgets.” — Roger Moore (actor, James Bond movies)

Every portion of your life is filled with gadgets. From ones that are merely useful to ones you absolutely can't live without. The closet and storage industry is not without it's share of items that can be considered "gadgets" -- from simple belt, tie, and scarf racks to more complex, automated, and even 'hidden' storage products. Read on and we will show you what the hot trends are right now!

First, the "simple" ones ...

Simple. Fairly easy to install, easy to use. Once you have them, hard to live without!  Such as tie racks, necklace hooks, and ???

Then there are more complex items ...

A bit more detailed in how they're installed, but oh are they sure nice to have! Handy, practical items that make your life easier.  Such as hamper bags, shoe galley rails, and ???

Now the truly interesting ones ...

CLOSET revolvingSystem2

Automated, hidden, tricky gadgets that make you wonder, "what will they think of next?" These are the fun ones -- such as hidden jewelry or gun compartments, decorative filler columns that pull out, and revolving clothing systems.


(Sorry, this page is still under construction . . . more info and photos coming soon!) Sept 2018

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