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Kids Room / Closet Designs for Children

If you build it, the kids might actually keep it neat.
“The best way to keep kids home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant. And to let the air out of their tires.” — Dorothy Parker

You've tried everything from rewards to restrictions. However, your kids’ rooms are always a mess. Clothes, towels, toys, and clutter are everywhere. Yet organization can be learned! Closet City’s professionals can create an attractive space for your child that will help promote the principles of organization. Allow us to evaluate your child’s room and recommend some solutions for you.


When you have a few minutes, check out this HGTV "Mission: Organization" episode where we helped transform 3 kids' bedrooms!

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In the meantime, you might want to keep reading for some helpful insight on kids and their organizing habits!

organized boys closetClutter is basically stuff that has no home, right? You can involve your child in the organization process by allowing them to determine storage locations. Remember, your child opens the closet doors, and looks down and sees the floor, and looks UP and sees the hanging bar. Where do you think the stuff in their hands is going to go? ON THE FLOOR!

Involving your children in decisions will empower them. Be sure to be considerate of your child’s developmental level. Younger children forget about objects if they can't see them. Therefore, open containers and exposed shelving will help your kids put away and find objects. Children that are three to five years of age enjoy independently getting dressed. So, use low hanging closet rods, shelves, and baskets that they can reach. Younger school age children may benefit from labels in order to correctly put away objects. There is hope!

And, we are here to help you.

Your children don't need a walk-in closet just because they have piles of clothing, toys and clutter. More space is not always the answer to the problem. The answer is occasional purging of broken and unused items, and most importantly, better use of their space. And this applies whether the space is a reach-in closet, playroom, or any other storage area.

Toys and a playroommessy toys

Toys, books, and more toys! Are you thinking about making sense of the chaos? Organizing your children’s playroom requires two key steps: reviewing the toy and book inventory, as well as making it easier for a child to utilize and live in the environment.

First, inspect your child’s toy and book collection. How many toys and books can your child comfortably enjoy? Keep the rest out of sight since having everything accessible can be over stimulating. Pack the extras away in storage baskets or tubs, and rotate toys when the child seems to be getting bored with the current selection. Keep a few of their very favorite toys and books in their room.

Secondly, how accessible is the existing toy and book supply? Inaccessibility is a primary reason things don't get put away or used. Children can reach lower shelves easier, and hooks hung low are also easier to use. Reserve high spaces for rarely used items or for toys and books on rotation. Drawers should slide in and out easily, and be easily opened and closed by small hands.

kid closet designTake advantage of our expertise to help make sense of the chaos that is your child's room! Call or visit us today, and we'll help get your family on their way to being neater and more organized!

All you need to do is to schedule a FREE consultation with our designer at your home. You can do this by calling us at (215) 855-4400 or by completing our easy-to-use CONTACT FORM.