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Wine Logic

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 “The smarter way to store your wine!”

WineLogic wine racks are constructed from high-quality, solid maple. Career woodworkers meticulously craft each unit in the United States. (That's right, these racks are MADE IN THE USA.) In addition, each tray glides smoothly in and out of the rack on full extension, ball bearing slides.

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WineLogic wine racks can be easily installed (or removed) from your cabinets in minutes! Each unit includes a set of simple instructions to guide you through the process. Nothing more than a Phillips-head screw driver is needed to complete the job. (This is an easy DIY project. But if you prefer to have someone else do this for you, we offer installation services.) The minimum cabinet opening needed is 15 inches wide. Furthermore, the rack units fit snugly underneath a standard cabinet half-shelf.


WL ManInstallingThe horizontal design of the WineLogic system allows for the most effective use of space possible. Units can hold either 12, 18, 24, or 30 standard bottles of wine. All while occupying only a small amount of cabinet space.

Not only does this innovative system allow for easy viewing of bottle labels, the horizontal design also ensures that corks remain moist and swelled. This prevents wine from unwanted contact with the air. It also keeps sediment far enough away from the cork end of the bottle to prevent spoilage when pouring. Because WineLogic racks are designed to be installed into cabinets, wine is further protected from light degradation by darkened conditions.


WL ManPerusingNow, who doesn't like the idea of reducing some clutter in their home? Are you tired of running to the basement to retrieve a few bottles of wine? Let WineLogic conveniently keep them close at hand. These sturdy racks offer an organized solution for wine storage. They also keep bottles of wine out of the way and out of sight, without sacrificing accessibility or convenience. Since the racks can be installed in any standard cabinet, you can have your wine handy wherever it makes sense to you. Have one installed in the kitchen, pantry, rec room, or wet bar, etc.

WL LIQUOR web72WineLogic storage racks offer you the quality and appearance of a custom-built solution at a fraction of the price! Closet City is a proud distributor of the WineLogic storage systems. For more details on this product and to place your order, contact our office 8am – 4pm EST at (215) 855-4400 today!


Bottle Capacity Depth Width Height Price
12 22.25" 16.125" 7.375" $299
18 22.25" 16.125" 11" $399
24 22.25" 16.125" 14.625" $499
30 22.25" 16.125" 18.25" $599

Minimum cabinet opening needed: 15"