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Laundry Room Custom Cabinets & Storage Space


Soaps and softeners, with spaces for sorting, folding, hanging and ironing
“Housekeeping ain’t no joke.” — Louisa May Alcott (neither is laundry!)

A clean and well organized space makes any task more enjoyable – even laundry!

Laundry rooms can be tough to keep organized. However, we are here to help you. These rooms work best when they offer a convenient and practical place for storing everything. Our designers can create custom cabinets that offer hidden storage for detergents and hangers. Or maybe you want open shelving for items you would like to display. And maybe you would like counter tops to make sorting and folding easier. (Do you need a little help in keeping your cleaning supplies and soiled clothes orderly? This link provides you with tips on how to organize.)

HAMPER dwrDBL 4001Accessories for your laundry room can be simple or elaborate. For instance, how about a rod to help create a space for those items that cannot go in the dryer and must be line dried? Or, slide out baskets offer convenient sorting of lights and darks, while wide counter tops provide folding spaces. We can make your last minute touch ups with an iron easy. You can choose from a full size, swivel mounted ironing board, or a compact one that conveniently folds into a drawer. Both of these boards provide you with ample ironing space, and are easily stored out of sight when not in use. The custom cabinet options and gadgets we can provide for your space are virtually limitless!

Let us help you take some of the drudgery away from the chore of doing laundry. CONTACT US TODAY to create an inviting and efficient laundry space in your home!

Customer Rave:

“I just wanted to say thank you! We are so happy with the laundry and closet systems! I have never been so excited to do laundry!! Thanks so much for all of your help!” — Rebecca and Peter Lazor

Our organizing pros will turn your laundry room alteration dreams into reality too. All you need to do is schedule a FREE consultation with our designer at your home. You can call us at (215) 855-4400, or you can complete our easy to use CONTACT FORM. Another option would be to send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!