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Custom Storage Solutions

What is storage? A place for everything, and everything in its place.

It’s hard to get excited about storage space. Especially since creating an efficient and manageable space is not simple… really, it IS tricky! Not only do objects need to be removed and hidden from our daily living area, but we also need to know how to easily find what has been put away.

So this is where Closet City comes in – we can help you create an efficient, usable storage space!

WALK IN boot cubbiesConsider the “why’, “accessibility”, and “frequency” of use of your space.

Why? Donating and throwing away unnecessary items is essential when planning to store them. Knowing why you have an item will help you determine if it is necessary to keep it.

If you are unclear as to why a document or file or sewing machine or toaster is being kept, ask yourself when this might be needed in the future? “Just in case” is not a good indication that the item needs to be kept.

Accessibility? Your storage system will need to be convenient for those who need to use items stored there.

Frequency? Items should be located so that retrieval requires as little time and effort as possible.

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Customer Rave:

“I rate the shelving unit installation you did for me as ‘excellent!'” — David H., Huntingdon Valley PA

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