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Remodeling Considerations

Here is a common remodeling consideration: “Am I over investing?” It's a question to consider before starting a big remodeling or home improvement project. And it doesn't matter whether you are selling your home soon or not.

Is improving your living space a consideration?

bathroom1If you are planning to stay in the home for several more years, it’s probably worth spending a little to achieve what you want. Converting existing space into usable space will bring a better return than an addition to your home. (Such as converting an attic into a bedroom, finishing a basement, or adding a deck.) Focus on kitchen, bath, and closet organizers if you’re going to be in your house at least five more years. Some of these are more costly remodeling projects, but you’ll be living in the home long enough to enjoy the upgrades and are more likely to recoup the investment.

Planning to sell?

Atlantic pg 84If you’re moving within the next year, big-dollar projects may not be a good idea as you stand less chance of recouping your investment. Many variables affect the housing market, so don’t expect a dollar-for-dollar return on a project. A $20,000 kitchen remodel doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get $20,000 more for your home. Behind-the-scenes improvements such as a new roof increase the house’s integrity, but won’t garner a big return for you, as buyers already expect these things to be in good shape on a home.

What not to do if you plan to sell soon: Pools and Landscaping

A common remodeling mistake is a pool. The majority of the market rejects pools because of the maintenance requirements and safety issues for children. Exception: If your home is the only one on the block that doesn’t have one, it could be a factor when it comes time to sell. Also, don’t sink big dollars into extra landscaping. Add some mulch and bright flowers, but don’t drop hundreds of dollars on brick pavers. Let the future buyer do that.

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